Sunday, July 24, 2011

Casa Reyes Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

Brazo de Mercedes is a rolled cake or some called it a jelly roll made from a sheet of meringue rolled around a custard filling. I have tasted the typical type of Brazo de Mercedes that usual bake shop offers, but I recently discovered that a new twist of this all time favorite cake is being served by Casa Reyes.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes 

Priced at Php 92.00 per slice, served in an egg shape plate, this frozen cake consists of Four (4) layers: Egg White on top, Yema filling that's quiet salty, a thick layer of Cheese Ice cream and Graham Crackers as the base drizzled with chocolate underneath.

I personally love this new innovation of the Brazo de Mercedes. The ingredients and layers are perfectly combined. I enjoyed this as much as the typical one. I remember a friend who personally love this dessert way back in high school, once she comes back from Canada (hopefully next year - "crossing fingers"), I would definitely treat and let her try this Frozen Brazo de Mercedes! ^_^


Presentation - 10/10
Taste - 10/10
Price - 10/10

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