Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Banana Leaf Asia Cafe Specialties

My hunt to taste the different desserts in the metro led me to Banana Leaf Asia Cafe at Robinson's Place Ermita which offers authentic contemporary South East Asian Cuisine (Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and Indonesian) which is my least favorite type of cuisine. I entered and ordered their House Desserts Specialties.

Sago Pudding in Thai Pandan Leaf

Priced at Php 80.00, Sago Pudding in Thai Pandan Leaf with whole sweet kernel corn on top is Thai's version of the Filipino dessert Maja Blanca. This is a softer version. I love its creamy coco-nutty taste and its not too sweet.

Pandanus Pancake Roll with Fresh Coconut

Also priced at Php 80.00, Pandanus Pancake Roll with Fresh Coconut will be loved by those Filipinos who loves Bukayo. This dessert is Rolled in Pandan Flavored pancake filled with what we Filipinos called Bukayo (a Philippine sweet meat of grated coconut fried/simmered in brown sugar) drizzled with the bukayo's syrup. 

This syrup is too sweet. Without the syrup it would be just enough. The grated coconut filling is too dry, I suggest that it would be better that the grated coconut be a little gelatinous.


Sago Pudding in Thai Pandan Leaf - 9/10,
 Pandanus Pancake Roll with Fresh Coconut - 5/10

Sago Pudding in Thai Pandan Leaf - 10/10,
 Pandanus Pancake Roll with Fresh Coconut - 9/10



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