Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ministop's Crema de Fruta

I recently discover that Ministop offers what I called Graham cakes in cups! A quick fix for my cravings for dessert. ^_^

You can enjoy a cup of Crema de Fruta for only Php 58.00, quite a reasonable price..

Ministop's Crema de Fruta is not too sweet. The fruits compliments the fillings as well as the crushed graham.


Taste - 8/10
Price - 8/10
Presentation - 9/10

Want to prepare this at home? You just need four ingredients crushed grahams, condensed milk, nestle cream and fruit cocktail.

1) Drain the fruit cocktail. Set aside. 
2) For the Filling - Mix the condensed milk and the nestle cream. 
3) Layer the crushed graham in a cup and put the filling, crashed graham again, then filling..
4) Lastly fruit cocktail on top! 

ENJOY! ^_^

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